“Down Home”

Down Home…Downtown. 

Sure. High tech, cutting edge is good. We are all for that. We have an intra-oral camera that can show you one of your teeth on a 27 inch screen 40X normal size. We use cutting edge dental materials and techniques. But we here at Churchill Dental feel that Main Street trumps Wall Street. Six people work here – four from small towns. Justin, our full-time hygienist, is from Waterville, MN, population 1,771. Barb, our part-time hygienist, is from Stillwater, MN, population 13,882. Agnes, our business manager, is from Ellsworth, MN, population 580, and I am from Spring Valley, MN, population 2,461.

We are from towns where everybody knows your name. Likewise, here at Churchill Dental, you will not only get high tech, cutting edge dentistry but we will, just as importantly, or what we believe, even more importantly, know your name.

No. There’s no one named Opie here, but we feel, besides knowing your teeth, knowing you is a nice thing.

Blogging kind of says it all. We want to say “hi” just like stopping and chatting in front of the Main Street hardware store, but we’re doing it in a way our parents would have never thought possible. Talk to you next week!

Dr. Jack Churchill