Parking On Us

We love working in “Downtown Minneapolis!”  It’s clean, vibrant and happening, safe, and fun – theatre, the Farmer’s Market, Nicollet Mall, Twins, Timberwolves, Vikings, shopping and restaurants.  The downtown location of these many attractions comes with a price however.  Where does one park?

We are sensitive to that so we offer free parking for the first hour at three ramps – The Metro parking ramp connected to our building, LaSalle Court parking ramp and the Park and Shop ramp connected to Macy’s.  All are within walking distance from our office. 

See our website for maps and photos of the entrances of these parking ramps, or call our office 613-333-8988 and talk to Agnes or Kim about where to park.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us!


Give Kids a Smile

Every year Churchill Dental commits itself to providing dental care to children in need during February’s Give Kids a Smile Day.  We did so this past Friday, the 3rd of February at our office.  Upon retrospect, several things come to mind.  First, how proud I am of my staff for their willful, unselfish, and joyous giving of their time and talents to help these kids.  I see it in each of them as the day progresses that they are enjoying every moment.  Second, all of us feel that, though we give of ourselves totally to these kids that entire day, we receive much more from them than we give.  And third, the kids.  Yes, this world can sometimes be a nasty place but all you have to do is spend a day with these kids, seeing their smiles, hearing their little “thank you’s,” and holding their tiny hands to know that this world’s future is bright.  What a blessing this day is for all of us here at Churchill Dental.  It is our intent to humbly serve.

Dr. Jack Churchill