We all like to make a difference, to have a positive impact. At Churchill Dental, we are no different. We like to think that through our care for your dental needs, we make a difference in your lives. I believe we do, not just by the quality of care you receive, but by demonstrating to each of you how much we care about you and how you’re doing in this crazy world of ours. We can make a difference in gigantic ways like dramatically changing a smile or getting someone out of pain. But more often we do it in small, incremental ways like cheerfully saying “good morning” to our first patient of the day, giving a small discount to someone in need, walking an elderly patient down to the street level, squeezing someone who needs us into a busy schedule, or simply offering a smile or a pat on the back.

I believe this is true for all of us. Yes, of course, we dream of those “aha” moments when we turn on the light switch for someone that changes their life forever. But more often we do this in small, unnoticed ways that slowly move others in the same direction.

Please check out this wonderful story that demonstrates how we can all make a difference: The Daffodil Principle by Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards.