Heart and Soul

The heart and soul of any dental practice is its people.  I have been a dentist for 34 years, 28 of which have been in the Medical Arts Building downtown Minneapolis. I must say without hesitation that the staff I work with now is Fabulous!!  Agnes and Kim at the front desk are knowledgeable and efficient and go out of their way to make our patients feel at home.  Annie, my dental assistant, is not only terrifically skilled but is hilariously funny.  Justin and Barb, our dental hygienists, are meticulous and service-driven and the quality of their work makes me very proud.  Considering male dental hygienists are rare, I have to add that it’s a treat to work with another guy (not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy working with these great women).  It is an absolute privilege to work with this group of people.  The cohesiveness of our staff shows through when you walk through our door.  You will feel this bond, this mutual respect we all have for one another.  I love these people as I’m sure you will too.

Dr. Jack Churchill


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