Zeitgeist – Spirit of the Times

I love words.  Are you ever reading something and come across a word that is so interesting you have to pull out the dictionary?  I did that the other day with the word “zeitgeist.”  It is a German word meaning “spirit of the times,” “taste or outlook characteristic of a period,” “climate of opinion,” or “convention of thought of an era.”  Our world is full of fads, trendy fashions, temporary fixes, zeitgeists, if you may.

Dentistry is no different.  With 33 years of experience I’ve seen things come and go in our profession – ever-changing products, nutrition rights and wrongs, bleaching fads and fiction, scares about silver fillings and now white fillings with BPA’s, X-ray fallacies, etc., etc.  As your down-home dentist, it is up to me and my staff to help you sort through these confusing crazes so you don’t get heisted by a zeitgeist.

Jack Churchill D.D.S.


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