State Fair

It’s State Fair time – corn dogs, mini donuts, double Ferris wheel, anything-on-a-stick, animal barns, etc., etc. What a great time of the year even though, as a kid, it would mean the end of summer and a return to school.

As the Great Minnesota Get-Together, it also means to me a connection, a cohesiveness or commonality with our fellow Minnesotans.  There is comfort in knowing we are in something together even if it is just people-watching while eating too much food during ten days in Saint Paul in late August.

We love to create that same connection with you when you visit us at Churchill Dental.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking – you’re comparing a day at the Minnesota State Fair with a visit to the dentist?!  That’s a stretch – but we like to create a family feel here like Minnesota creates with its State Fair.  See you by the butter sculptures!


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