MDA President’s Award

I was fortunate to receive the 2012 President’s Award from the Minnesota Dental Association this past month in recognition of my chairing the Constitution, By-Laws, and Ethics committee for the past 10 years and, in conjunction with that, writing a recurring column called What’s a Dentist to Do? in our profession’s journal, Northwest Dentistry.

 The column was based on the ethics of practicing dentistry.  I tried to highlight the common denominators dentists each possess in their practices and in their lives – more human interest stuff than case studies.  I enjoyed writing them – one every two months – these past 10 years.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to write one every once in a while as a guest writer.  You can see and/or read every one of them on our web site at  The more recent ones I think are better. 

I want to thank President Mike Zakula and the MDA for this distinct honor.

Jack Churchill