We’re With You All the Way

I love my patients.  They are – besides family, friends, and staff – the people I most care about.  They are of all ages, varied occupations, multiple ethnicities and political leanings, each one with their own joys and disappointments, dreams and aspirations.

Not one of them likes sitting in my chair to have a tooth fixed.  But generally they have their dentistry done with a sense that they will be better when they leave.  They see the value in what they’re having done, and though often would rather be elsewhere, know we are there to help them and are appreciative of our efforts.

With many of these same people I’ve developed close friendships.  For these I am truly blessed.

Occasionally, we see people who are “out-of-sorts” so to speak.  They are not happy to be with us and make that clear.  You know…that’s alright.  We are healers.  We understand that people come to us with their plates full, to have a procedure done which isn’t exactly like enjoying a good meal or buying something nice to wear.  We see them in snippets of time within the course of their lives – like one frame within an entire reel of film.  We see only the one frame but we must appreciate the “big picture.”

So we love it when you smile, laugh, and enjoy yourself when with us.  But if you don’t we understand.  We’re with you all the way!