Chili Bean the Underdog


Chili Bean

People love stories about those who may be picked on, weak, poor and disadvantaged, someone lesser than the other guy who overcomes all odds and reaches heights never expected.  These stories present the classic dilemma – not good versus evil but underdog versus the rest of the world.

We love rooting for the underdog.  Have you ever watched a sporting event where your team is not in it and when asked, “Who are you rooting for?” you reply, “Who’s the underdog?”

One characteristic of an underdog is that he/she must be someone to whom we can relate – someone of our own fabric.  They also always have a tenacity to become better, to persevere and overcome.  An underdog stands up to society, trying hard to become stronger and better no matter what others say.  They face great obstacles and eventually overcome them against all odds.

Sylvester Stallone as Rocky…Rudy, the Notre Dame football walk-on…The 1980 “Miracle on Ice”…Remember the Titans…The Little Engine that Could…David and Goliath…Even the cartoon character, Underdog – We love these stories because they offer us a chance to live vicariously through the triumphs of another even if it is just in a movie or book or cartoon.  These stories allow us to witness something we can often only dream of for our own lives.

Let me introduce you to our underdog – our office mascot – Chili Bean.  He is my dental assistant, Annie’s, mother’s dog.  One of Chili Bean’s teeth abscessed and he had to have part of his jaw removed.  He is a survivor and our underdog.  He came to one of our staff meetings the other day and met us all for the first time.  Chili Bean teaches us when to get back up and keep going, to act in the face of poor odds.  He demonstrates courage perseverance and faith that no matter what the outcome, you will give it your best. We’re proud to have Chili Bean as our official mascot.  Step aside, Underdog!



We all like to make a difference, to have a positive impact. At Churchill Dental, we are no different. We like to think that through our care for your dental needs, we make a difference in your lives. I believe we do, not just by the quality of care you receive, but by demonstrating to each of you how much we care about you and how you’re doing in this crazy world of ours. We can make a difference in gigantic ways like dramatically changing a smile or getting someone out of pain. But more often we do it in small, incremental ways like cheerfully saying “good morning” to our first patient of the day, giving a small discount to someone in need, walking an elderly patient down to the street level, squeezing someone who needs us into a busy schedule, or simply offering a smile or a pat on the back.

I believe this is true for all of us. Yes, of course, we dream of those “aha” moments when we turn on the light switch for someone that changes their life forever. But more often we do this in small, unnoticed ways that slowly move others in the same direction.

Please check out this wonderful story that demonstrates how we can all make a difference: The Daffodil Principle by Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards.


Parking On Us

We love working in “Downtown Minneapolis!”  It’s clean, vibrant and happening, safe, and fun – theatre, the Farmer’s Market, Nicollet Mall, Twins, Timberwolves, Vikings, shopping and restaurants.  The downtown location of these many attractions comes with a price however.  Where does one park?

We are sensitive to that so we offer free parking for the first hour at three ramps – The Metro parking ramp connected to our building, LaSalle Court parking ramp and the Park and Shop ramp connected to Macy’s.  All are within walking distance from our office. 

See our website for maps and photos of the entrances of these parking ramps, or call our office 613-333-8988 and talk to Agnes or Kim about where to park.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us!

Give Kids a Smile

Every year Churchill Dental commits itself to providing dental care to children in need during February’s Give Kids a Smile Day.  We did so this past Friday, the 3rd of February at our office.  Upon retrospect, several things come to mind.  First, how proud I am of my staff for their willful, unselfish, and joyous giving of their time and talents to help these kids.  I see it in each of them as the day progresses that they are enjoying every moment.  Second, all of us feel that, though we give of ourselves totally to these kids that entire day, we receive much more from them than we give.  And third, the kids.  Yes, this world can sometimes be a nasty place but all you have to do is spend a day with these kids, seeing their smiles, hearing their little “thank you’s,” and holding their tiny hands to know that this world’s future is bright.  What a blessing this day is for all of us here at Churchill Dental.  It is our intent to humbly serve.

Dr. Jack Churchill

“Down Home”

Down Home…Downtown. 

Sure. High tech, cutting edge is good. We are all for that. We have an intra-oral camera that can show you one of your teeth on a 27 inch screen 40X normal size. We use cutting edge dental materials and techniques. But we here at Churchill Dental feel that Main Street trumps Wall Street. Six people work here – four from small towns. Justin, our full-time hygienist, is from Waterville, MN, population 1,771. Barb, our part-time hygienist, is from Stillwater, MN, population 13,882. Agnes, our business manager, is from Ellsworth, MN, population 580, and I am from Spring Valley, MN, population 2,461.

We are from towns where everybody knows your name. Likewise, here at Churchill Dental, you will not only get high tech, cutting edge dentistry but we will, just as importantly, or what we believe, even more importantly, know your name.

No. There’s no one named Opie here, but we feel, besides knowing your teeth, knowing you is a nice thing.

Blogging kind of says it all. We want to say “hi” just like stopping and chatting in front of the Main Street hardware store, but we’re doing it in a way our parents would have never thought possible. Talk to you next week!

Dr. Jack Churchill